Winners of the 2016 ICJA Awards Contest



Emily Rauhala, "The Poet Who Died for Your Phone.", June 8, 2015

Emily is a China Correspondent for The Washington Post. She was previously a Beijing-based correspondent for TIME, and an editor at the magazine's Hong Kong office. Her article is a vivid, bracing reconstruction of the life of Xu Lizhi, a migrant worker and poet who jumped to his death in Shenzhen, leaving behind a haunting record of life in China's factory cities.


Yan Zhang, "New Jiangsu School Grapples with Plot of Toxic Land Across Street." Caixin Weekly, February 29, 2016.

Yan joined Bloomberg in June as their auto reporter to cover the world's largest auto market amid a transition from fossil fuels to renewables. She was previously an environment and science reporter for Caixin Media in Beijing. Yan's story attracted the attention of official Chinese media, pushed China's Ministry of Environmental Protection to restart an investigation, and urged to release of a law to contain soil pollution.


Karoline Kan, "My Secret Life as a Forbidden Second Child in China." Foreign Policy, February 4, 2016.

Once a freelancer and editor, Karoline is now a researcher at The New York Times in Beijing. Her moving narrative sheds light on a lived experience at once deeply private and yet broadly significant among Chinese of her generation.